Students need SMARTT IDs to be able to take the MAPT.  When a student is successfully intaked in SMARTT a SMARTT ID is automatically generated.  The SMARTT ID is composed of two parts.  

(1) The first part is generally 3-4 digits long and represents the site that this student was intaked at.  All of your students at one site should have these same 3-4 digits.

(2) The second part is the 'person ID' and is 6 digits long.  Every student has a unique person ID.


MAPT is located at UMASS Amherst.  This means that those SMARTT IDs must get from the servers stored at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to the servers at UMASS Amherst.  

SMARTT Sends data over to OWL two times: 

4PM – for those students who have enrolled since the day started to 4PM

3AM – for those students who have enrolled since 4PM

 Likewise, students who complete the MAPT have files that need to be transferred from UMASS servers to DESE servers.

OWL sends data to DESE 2 times:

5PM and 5AM

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