Exit from Class v. Exit from Site

Exit from Clas versus Exit from Program (click on this title for a pdf version)

This is important.  The word ‘Exit’ is used in two distinct ways, each of which have two different outcomes.  While it’s true that you can exit a student from the program and this will automatically exit them from classes as well, it is not the best approach.  Better to exit the student from the class before exiting them from the site/program.

Exit from Class

Edit the Enrollment panel for the desired class.  Enter a date into the “Exit Date” column.


Exit from Site / “program”

This is what you use when the student is no longer a current student at your site.  They’ve gone for some reason and will not be participating in your site’s services any time in the near future.

Go to a student’s record and select “Exit Student” from left.  Fill out the information on the Student Exit Verification page and hit save.

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