Enrollment and Attendance Tips

Class Attendance Tips


When you exit students from a class (don’t confuse with Exiting from Program), they will disappear from your Class Attendance Screen when Status is set to Current.  Current is the default view.  To change the status view:

  1. Locate the “Status” field at the top of the Class Attendance Screen:
  2. Choose either All or Exited
  3. Exited students appear at the bottom of the class list with a red x by their name. In other words, you must scroll down to see them.

Above: Default view of Class Attendance is Status: Current.


Entering Attendance for Exited Students

--Yes you can do this, as long as they are not subject to the lockout date.

Set Status to Exited or All, Edit.


Enrollment Date

If you inadvertantly exited someone from the class too soon, you can remedy this be re-enrolling them on the exact same date that you had previously exited them.  This will make their enrollment continuous.

The enrollment date defaults to either the first date of the class or the intake date of the student, whichever is most recent.  You can edit the enrollment date.

If you need an earlier enrollment date, you can also edit the intake date of your student.  Go to their student information, edit basic information // intake date.  Then go back to the Class Enrollment and put in a different Enrollment date.

The only way to change the earliest date of a class -- the start date -- is through a change to the program plan (class plan). See the program planning manual for that.  The end date of a class can be edited (if the date is within the current fiscal year).




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