Cognos for DL Specialty Reports

(pdf to this at bottom)

Sys. Requirements:  IE with setting adjustments, or Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome.

  1. Log on to Cognos, using your programs Cognos user ID and password, with this logon you will be able to get down to student level data for your DL students unlike me the student names are anonymized.
  2. From the Homepage in the Standardized Reports section it lists –Specialty Areas
  3. Choose Distance Learning from the available Adhoc Reports -Distance Learning
  4. Then Distance Learning Reports
  5. This brings you to the reports that can be run using the filters listed below. Choose the radio button for the report, fiscal year and DL type that you want.   The Reports are listed in the top box, followed by the Fiscal Year and finally the DL Type of program.  

*Please note that the reports count students with any (more than 0 hours) DL supplemental and/or curriculum attendance.

** Any site which has site specialty defined as DISTANCE LEARNING and DL Option 1 or 2 COMMUNITY ADULT LEARNING CENTERS [CALCs] are included in this report.


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