FY18 Cohort Follow Up

Cohort Follow Up refers to a SMARTT page where you can track exited students' progress with respect to their employment, high school equivalency, and postsecondary education and training  status.  This data is crucial for informing Massachusetts’ ABE programs' progress with respect to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) (formerly the Workforce Investment Act (WIA)).  Regular updating of this data is key to success for ABE in MA.

Below you will find links and resources directly related to Cohort Follow Up.

1. Quick Video (~2 min) on how to do Cohort Follow Up – watch this video for a brief overview on how to do it. This will be downloaded for your viewing (10mb).

2. More detailed PDF on Cohort Follow Up.  


WIA vs WIOA.  Page 8 of this comparison between WIA and WIOA gives a short overview of key indicators: 



  • HSE-IET             Helpful for tracking these MSGs for Current students especially.
  • Feedback Form for creation of FAQ If you have any questions or suggestions that would help clarify or make the whole Cohort Follow Up process more efficient, please use that feedback form.  Thank you!
  • FAQ 
  • Auto exit calendar.  Auto exit batches will be run mid-month every month based on the criteria below:


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