Why aren't my classes showing! Post Planning Class Completion

This is probably because post-planning class completion has not been done yet.  Until a class has been 'completed,' it will not show in the regular class list.

Please review the 'steps to start the new fiscal year.'

Also, look at the SMARTT Manual online, excerpted below:



 Post Planning Class Completion


The Post Planning-Class Completion Screen allows the user to View a list of all classes generated for the project in the fiscal year of the project's current approved program plan. This screen also allows the user to complete each class by selecting the Language, Subject, Instructional Method and entering the Monthly Schedule of funded hours. The user’s access level determines if the Post Planning/Class Completion screen can be viewed and edited.



To Access the Class Completion report, select Post Planning-Class Completion from the Main Menu.



*Once verification of Site Rollover has been received, the first task in the SMARTT 3 System is Post Planning Class Completion.

*A Class list will not appear if Rollover has not been completed.



The Class Completion Report allows the user to complete classes generated from the Approved Class Plan. The user must select the Language, Subject, Instructional Method and complete the Monthly Schedule of funded hours for each class to satisfy Class Completion.


To Access the Class Completion Report, select Post Planning-Class Completion from the Main Menu.


  • Each row represents a generated class. The Incomplete column will contain a Yellow ball for each class that is yet to be completed. The Complete column will contain a Green ball for each class that has all its required data completed
  • All of the classes from the project’s program plan will appear sorted by site and class code.
  • If there are no classes in the Class Completion Report, verify that the current site has been rolled over.
  • Classes must be completed in order for them to appear in any class search; see classes section 6.
  • Click on the "Complete Class" link to display the screen to enter the missing class data. When all of the class's required data has been saved to the database, the class will become "complete".

Monthly Schedule

  • The Monthly Schedule screen allows the user to enter the total number of hours per month the class will be offered each month. The Total number of hours must match the Funded hours from the Approved Class Plan.
  • To Access the Monthly Schedule screen, click on the Complete Class link from a class listed in the Class Completion Report. The Month Schedule screen can be viewed by scrolling through the screen.
  • To Complete the Monthly Schedule screen:



Enter the number of hours in each appropriate field;


Click Reset to erase all the entries before saving or click Save or hit the Enter button;


  • Before attempting to complete a Monthly Schedule be sure to carefully review the calendar for this fiscal year to determine how many class hours will be offered for each class during each month.
  • Use the tab key to move from month to month.
  • The Total Funded hours is calculates as the monthly hours are entered.
  • The class hours each month might be altered by holidays or the day of the week on which the month begins or ends. Classes which meet on Mondays and Wednesdays, for example, might have a different number of class hours in a month than classes that same month which meet on Tuesday and Thursdays.
  • Maximum Calendar Hours for each month are indicated in the third column and are determined by the approved program class plan.
  • The total for all funded hours entered must be exactly equal to the funded hours in the class plan.
  • As each class is saved a green dot appears in the Complete Column on the Class Completion Report Screen.
  • Once the class schedule is set from this screen, it cannot be accessed from this screen again. See Classes Monthly Schedule section 6.2.3 for more information.
  • Once the class completion is complete, each class needs an Instructor assigned to it before students can be enrolled. See Classes Instructors Screen section 6.3 for more information.



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