Assigning a different teacher to a class

Sometimes you mistakenly assign the wrong teacher to a class.  Or maybe a teacher has left and  you need to assign another.

To rectify this situation you need to first assign the correct teacher and then remove the erroneous/old teacher.  SMARTT won't let you remove the erroneous/old teacher first.

1. Assign the correct teacher.  If you don't see the correct teacher showing in the pop up list check this article out.

2. Remove the erroneous/old teacher.  Do this by putting in an exit date equal to their starting date. The weeks should be reduced as well but the value must be nonzero. So if the class meets twice a week you'd put .5 because according to SMARTT is in there for one day (or half a week). If it meets 4 times per week, it would be .25. It's a little hurdle you need to jump. Of course it depends on the day of the week and when the classes meet and all that. Try putting in something and saving and SMARTT will give you a little message if it is wrong. When you save it you'll see that it effectively disappears the erroneous teacher.

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