Internet Explorer and SMARTT

SMARTT still requires Internet Explorer in a few areas.  Much of SMARTT, however, can now be viewed in other browsers, including: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari. The most recent version of IE -- 11 -- works best,  is safest, and is recommended.

1. Check your version: 

  • While in Internet Explorer, Press F1 (that's the left most function key on your keyboard)
  • You'll see the version in the title on the right of the help menu.


2. If you have Internet Explorer 11:

A. Go to the tools Menu > Internet Options > Security tab

  a)Make is a trusted site

  1. Click Internet Options
  2. Click the Security tab
  3. Click the Trusted sites icon, if it isn’t already highlighted (it’s a green checkmark).
  4. If is not in your list of websites, add it.



b). Add to the Compatibility View list.  

  1. At the top-right of IE11, click the cog wheel to drop-down the Tools menu.
  2. Choose Compatibility View settingsfrom the menu. This brings up the Change Compatibility View Settings options.
  3. Add the '' to the list.

After you add the web site to the list, Internet Explorer will refresh the page you are visiting and you'll then be able to test if the compatibility problem is fixed.




3. If you have Windows 10 go this tutorial:



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