Teacher not showing when assigning to class

This is probably due to the teacher not having enough hours in their salary record. Only when the staff person has enough hours in their salary record(s) will they appear in the list of possibilities for teaching.

1. From the Main Menu, click Staff on the left.

2. Click the search button and click on the staff person you want. If the person isn't there click add staff and fill out a complete record.

3. When you have pulled up the staff record, on the left you will see links for Direct, Collaborative, and Match Salary.  Click on the relevant one(s).  If you are not sure which one is appropriate see below about checking the funding for the classes they will teach.

4. Click the edit tab.

5. Add enough hours in the 'Teaching' field to account for the number of hours they will be teaching.

6. Click save.

Now you can return to the class screen and assign this instructor.


Determining number of hours needed and type of funding for this teacher

1. Determine how many hours the teacher should be available for teaching.  You can do this by looking at the class information screen (A) or by looking in the class plan (B). 

      A. Go to the Class information screen and determine the number of hours funded

If the teacher is teaching part of the year, tally up the hours from the monthly schedule.

      B. Look in the class plan (within the program planning link).  Tally up the number of class hours that this teacher will be expected to teach.  Say there are two classes with 140 hours a piece.

2. To determine the Type of funding for the classes, to be used for determining which salary link to fill out, look at the class plan (see image directly above).  Look under 'Eligible Cost.'


Not until enough hours in the teaching field will that instructor show in the lookup when assigning to the classes.

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