How to create a PDF and Print a report or view in Cognos

2 Ways To Create a PDF in Cognos

There are two main ways to turn what you are looking at in Cognos into a pdf document.  PDF documents are valuable in that they are easy to save locally or on a flash drive; and therefore they are easy to attach to an email; and they are easy to print.

First, in Cognos, it depends if you are in the Analysis Studio or if you are viewing a pre-made, canned, report.



In Analysis Studio, to run as a pdf, click on the blue triangle just under the Help menu, nearly at the halfway point on the toolbar.

Click on the ‘Run Report (PDF)’ link.



An Ad-Hoc or canned reports (Performance Standards Reports, Federal Reports, all Desk Review reports) has a slightly different look. Instead of clicking the blue triangle, click on the button with the little blue circle planet image in it.

Select “View in PDF Format” from the dropdown list.


Visual images of these two different methods are given in the PDF linked to here:

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