How to request a Cognos Logon

To get a cognos ID, directors go  to the following link:


  1. Enter their information.
  2. Select SMARTT as the subject.
  3. Enter the following details  in the Comments box or attach a file:
    • Name of staff who will receive the account
    • staff email
    • Official Site Name (no acronyms or abbreviations)
    • Role at Program (specify Teacher, Counselor, Site Coordinator, or other)
    • The staff request for what they would like the Cognos User ID to be (e.g., 1st initial and last name, or some other personally meaningful identifier)
4. Enter data requested by the SPAM filter.
5. Click ‘Submit’

Users will receive their Cognos account information by email, along with a generic password. 
When users first log in, they must create their own password. Users need to write down the user 
ID and password and keep them in a handy place. Users and Programs must manage their own 
passwords and User IDs; ACLS will not have that information. 
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