Multiple demographic reports (video)

Once you get one demographic report set up in Cognos, it's fairly quick to make another just by tweaking one variable.


For example say you wanted to various reports:

  •  Age by Gender
  • Country of Origin by Gender
  • Race by Gender

Set up the first one and the just substitute Country of Origin where the Age is.

To set up Age by Gender:

1. Open Student by Site cube in Cognos. This defaults to show in rows, agency and in columns, fiscal year.  The number shown in each cell is number of students at that agency during that fiscal year.

2. Locate the agency, project, or site you are interested in.

3. Isolate the year you are interested in.

4. Drag the Age insertable object and put it next to agency in rows.

5. Drag the Gender and put it next to fiscal year in columns.

6. Drag year and then drag agency to the Context area (since these are known to you already).

7. Set up the look you want with Charts, etc.

8.  Save it.

Now to make Country of Origin by Gender:

1. drag the expanded Country of Origin object and replace the Age object.

2. Save.

Repeat the above two steps for Race.


See this video for an illustration.

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