Obtain GED FY12-18

Obtain GED FY12-18

This is a tutorial that illustrates how to open and customize a report in Cognos that shows:

  • Obtain GED
  • Active Goals (aka "set")
  • Number of site students
  • Goals Met

Obtain GED or HiSET are still datamatched.  So even though these goals aren't being maintained by sites (Goals page is not available in SMARTT), the automatic datamatch is still happening and can be viewed here.

In short

Login with your Cognos userID/passoword

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Name of report:Obtain GED FY12-18

 It should look something like:


First thing to do is open it in analysis studio.  Click on the multicolored cube in the upper right:


This will probably open in a new window and should look something like:



Customize: Select Agency

Choose your Agency, Project, or Site from the drop down menu.  Look for the box in the Context Filter in the upper right.



Customize further: Student names. If you want to drill down to the student name level, first click-hold, drag-and-drop the agency box over into Rows. Put your mouse arrow on the "handle" of the agency object (at right end of red arrow below).  The "handle" is the little three-dotted thing on the left side of all of the objects. Hold the left mouse button down on that handle and drag and drop it into the Rows area.


Your object filter should look something like this:



Click on the name of the agency, project, site to "drill down" into the student name level.


Other possibilities:

  • Tweak this report so that instead of the Obtain GED goal, you look at Enter Employment.  Do this via the drop down menu for Goals in the upper right context filter.  Alternatively you could expand the folders in the Insertable Objects on the left, drilling into A, and "Section A." Click drag and drop the goal you want in that Goals object in the upper right context filter.
  • Only look at certain years. Right click on a column header with a year.  Choose "Keep" to show only this year or "Exclude" to not show it.


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