Obtain HSE or ADP

Obtain HSE or ADP

This is a tutorial that illustrates how to open and customize a report in Cognos that shows:

Goals met:

  • Obtain High School Equivalency
  • Obtain Adult Diploma Program

In short

Login with your Cognos userID/passoword

Breadcrumbs: Homepage‎ > Favorite Reports‎ > Workshops‎ > Goals

Name of report: “Obtain HSE or ADP”

Customize: Select Agency, year, drill down to site to see student names

Find a PDF of the instructions here.

Step by step:

  1. Login and go to Favorite Reports. If you login with your local userID and password you will be able to ‘drill down’ to the point of seeing student names.


  1. Click on the Workshops Folder. 
  1. Then Click on Goals. 
  1. Then click “Obtain HSE or ADP.”



This will open a view in Analysis Studio that looks like this:


If it looks like the below, click on the cube in the upper right:


That will open it in Analysis Studio. 

  1. Adjust FY. For example, if you want FY15 only, right click on the column header for FY15 so the column turns yellow and then select keep. 


  1. Adjust the Agency you want. The easiest way is to find your agency in the insertable objects and click-drag-drop into the action box under rows (see below). Alternatively, you could scroll find it in the action box dropdown menu or by scrolling down in the main area.




  1. “Drill down” by clicking on the agency name, then project, then site.


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