Lockout and Attendance

Attendance and intaking students are subject to lockout dates.  In general, sites have two months to intake students with actual intake dates, and add attendance for those students.  The main exception to this are Classes that were held in the Summer months of July and August; i.e. during the 'rollover' period in SMARTT where very little data entry is possible (Summer intakes are possible during that time).  July/ August are on the same schedule as September.  


Data Entry Schedule:

Monthly AttendanceMonth/Day Data Entry Closed
July, August, September  November 30th
October December 31st
November January 31st
December February 28th/29th
January March 31st
February April 30th
March May 31st
April June 30th
May July 31st
June August 31st


To Appeal:

"If a program misses a data lock-out, it can send a hard copy letter to the ACLS Administrator and copy the Program Specialist to request permission to submit its data after the data lock-out." 

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