SMARTT Cognos Update: Starting the New Year (FY17)

SMARTT Update: Starting the New Fiscal Year

The Steps to Start the fiscal year can be found on the ACLS SMARTT System Information Website

Part 1. of this Update goes into more detail on the main steps.  This was delivered asynchronously via VoiceThread.  The link to it is here.

Part 2. of the Update was done via live webinar.  In it we followed the agenda directly below:

 1. September ACLS SMARTT Update Mailing

  • Intake Form (FY17 version not available yet.  Keep using FY16's for now).

2. Changes in Policy

  • Goals
    • Student Goals no longer required.
    • NRS Cohort screen.  
      • for exits pre FY17 follow the same process as is traditional.  See this tutorial for more information
      • For exits in FY17, NRS Cohort follow-up is changing (not reflected in SMARTT yet).  See the policy change at this page:
  • Assessment
    • Best Plus 2.0 is the new version of Best Plus.  This means:
      • There are new NRS Score Ranges
      • copying old BEST Plus score from May/June not possible
      • See more at

3. Performance Standards Reports are available in Cognos.  See this tutorial.





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