Steps for FY16 NRS Cohort C Follow Up: Entry into Postsecondary Education or Training

[Here is an easily downloaded version of this: PDF of steps for FY16 NRS Cohort C Follow Up ]


At the NRS Cohort Search Page in SMARTT, make two adjustments to the search criteria:

  1. Select only the Cohort “Entry into post secondary education or training.”
  2. Select ‘Entire Cohort’ option.

When search results appear:

  1. Export Results to Excel (icon in upper right).
  2. Choose ‘Comma Separated Value,’ Submit.

Open this file in Excel and delete the first Row:

  1. Right click on the first row header ‘1’ and select Delete.


Automatically adjust the widths of each column so they show the full amount of data in each cell:

  1. Select All. Ctrl-A. ( simultaneously click Ctrl key and A key. Or click upper left square.)
  2. Double click on the boundary line between Column K and Column L. When select-all is active, you can double click the boundary between any two column headers. This will adjust the width so that the full value of each cell can be seen.  In the image below, the dates in columns K and M are too wide for the column width, so only ####### is visible. But when the borderline is double clicked, enough space is given.



Sort by Column L, Date Met:  You are only interested in following up with students who have not met this cohort (the ‘requires follow up’ filter should do this as well, but this is more fail-safe.)

  1. Right click the topmost left square: it is located above row ‘1’ label and to the left of column ‘A’ header.


  1. Choose Custom Sort.
  2. For column, sort by Date Met. Sorting A-Z will show rows with nonzero values at the top (when there are dates in the ‘date met’ field).



Delete rows that have a date met:  In other words, you only want to follow up with students who have no met date.

  1. Delete a row by right clicking the row label (the row label is the leftmost   The top row, for example, is row 1).  Select delete.

Now repeat the steps for a Custom Sort by Exit date:

  1. Right click on upper left square.
  2. Choose: Sort, Custom Sort.
  3. For column, sort by Exit Date, Z-A (this will show most recent date first). You are only interested in FY16 through current dates, so starting July 1, 2015 until now.  You can either delete or ignore the rest.




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