HSE-IET link

Information on Performance Accontability for MA ABE can be found at the ACLS Website.

At the state level, in addition to Educational Functioning Level, which can be tracked using the Site Assessment Report (Primary Set), the other Measurable Skill Gains are:

  • High School Equivalency 
  • Post secondary Education and Training

For Exited students these MSGs can be tracked using the Cohort Follow Up Screen.

For current students, use the HSE-IET link.

This link is found in two places:

1. At the individual student record, on the left.  This is where you can "set" one of these "goals" for a particular student.

To Add goals, click Edit and Add, Save

2. From the main page, also on the left.

You can edit student records via the Main Menu link as well.  But if the student you are looking for has no 'goals' set, you won't see them in the search results.  Find them from Student Search and add goals via #1.


Note this is also a good way to doublecheck that your students HSE completion was datamatched!



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