Rollover tips

There are two meanings of Rollover:

1. Roll the FY18 Program Plan to FY19.  This is done by request.  Request it using this form.

2. Site Rollover.  The link for this Rollover Report is in the Site area of SMARTT on the lower left.  It is a bit outdated at this point.  But it's initial intent -- to prompt you to make sure all of your data for the year has been input -- is still useful. 

That said, you can ignore the Student Goals and Follow Up Goals sections.  Use the 'select all' checkbox at the top of those sections to rapidly go through them.   Also ignore the Non SABES PD section at the bottom, as it doesn't appear to be working.  Like assessments, the main thing to doublecheck is that all the data for the individual record is correct.  So, for example, go to a staff record and check their Non SABES PD for FY18.  Similarly, go to the Student record and doublecheck that all the Assessment data is in. (Note: the Assessment Report Primary Set sometimes doesn't show one of the scores even if it is present in the individual student record. The latter is what counts.)


Attached to this tutorial are two documents that go into further detail on the Site Rollover Report.

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