SMARTT for Aug-Sep 2018

forwarded from ACLS.  

July 27, 2018
  1. Intakes, so students can MAPT.  If a student is being assessed with a test other than MAPT it is not necessary to intake the student.
    1. Until rollover (August) SMARTT will be in FY18.  This means that intake dates will not be recognized if they are between July 1, 2018 and now (according to SMARTT you are living in the future!). Use 6/30/2018 as the intake date.
    2. Once rollover happens you will be able to use actual dates.
  2. For existing students with MAPT scores in May or June, a particular area may show 'Completed' in OWL if the date is within 60 days. (E.G.  Student has a MAPT Reading score of 6/15/2018. Due to the 60 day rule, MAPT Reading area would show as ‘Completed’ until 8/15/2018).   In light of the new version of MAPT, this can be reset upon request.  Send an email to: . Include SMARTT ID and last name.
  3. NRS Cohort Follow Up.
    1. Actual Dates work fine in this module.
    2. Tutorial:
  4. Waitlist
    • When converting a waitlist entry to full, you will encounter an ORA-ERR if there is a pre-existing full record for this student in SMARTT.  The solution is to go to Students and Add Student.  Choose the full record.  Once saved, go back and edit the waitlist.
  5. Attendance for June.  Lockout starts August 1.
  6. Contact information for ACLS correspondence.  ACLS regularly emails the Coordinators listed in the Site, Project, and Agency areas in SMARTT. To change a coordinator these two things must be in place:
    • Coordinator must be in the SMARTT Staff list.  From Main Menu go to Staff, Add Staff.
    • Then go to Site (and/or Project, Agency) and Edit the Information.  Use the lookup feature to add the new coordinator.
Rollover will happen en masse on August 16 and depends on two things:
  1. Request that the program plan gets rolled over.  Directors should do this by filling out this very short form.
  2. Submit the Rollover Report, found bottom left at Site area in SMARTT.  Tips here. This report is intended to just get you double-checking attendance and assessment data.  Several sections can be ignored:
    1. Both sections on goals (artifact from WIA). But you may want to poke around HSE-IET.
    2. Non SABES PD (not working).  Just make sure individual staff records have the Non SABES PD recorded.
    3. Similarly, assessment data should be correct in the students’ actual records (even though these may differ from the rollover or assessment reports).
There will be no more SMARTT trainings but technical assistance will still be possible:
  • Until August 31, continue to use  See the “Submit a request” link in the upper right.   (Charlie Herbert will no longer be available for TA starting August 3.  Patty Ball will be managing through August 31.)
  • Starting September 1, if you have technical needs please contact Russell Fenton at ACLS.
  • Until Oct 1, the tutorials at will continue to be available.
  • For LACES training stay tuned for more information. 
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